Post Natal Fitness & Pilates


We get a lot of new mum’s (and not so new mum’s) asking about our pole fitness classes. It’s such a great way to get back into or start your fitness journey. But often women jump into exercise that is just too hard for their bodies far too soon after baby is born. With the Fitness World screaming “get back your pre-baby body” or “lose the baby fat” from every social media platform, its no wonder mum’s want to start high impact and high strength training. But at what cost to the body?? The body needs time to heal (9 months to make a baby, 2 years to recover from pregnancy AFTER you finish breastfeeding!!) and the wrong exercises too soon can hinder the healing process, or if you have problems (like separation of tummy, leakage, prolapse or pain) can make them worse. This is NOT the time to be trying to shed the weight as quick as possible, but finding some “you” time and perhaps discovering this new body is actually pretty cool!

These classes are to help you learn about what's safe for you to do (that wont make problems worse!), integrating core and pelvic floor into exercises. Use them as a way to get back to what you love doing…walking, yoga, netball, running…or even pole fitness!

Lesley is an 8-year qualified pole fitness instructor, 7 years teaching Pilates, 11 years in physiotherapy and now works in Woman’s Health (you can read a bit more about that HERE) and pregnancy and post-natal physio and exercise. She’s done her extra training in pregnancy and post-natal fitness. But most importantly she’s a mum too. So she has already been down this road.

We are so excited to now offer a post-natal fitness class, or a “mum’s and bubs” class.

When: Fitness 10.45 am on Mondays, Pilates 11am on Fridays

Cost: $130 for 7 weeks

Next Start date: Monday 22nd July. Class numbers limited to 8

This class will be suitable for anyone 3 months after baby is born, and baby is more than welcome to come to class and have a wee play or a nap while you work out. If you would prefer to have this time away from baby and have an hour to yourself, thats ok too! Everyone will have a Health Questionnaire to complete, and Lesley can check if you body is ready for fitness yet. If not, she will discuss your options with you. A part of the post-natal fitness 6 week block, you also get $15 off Lesley’s Post-Natal Check Up she offers through her physiotherapy! Even if your babies are older, you are still more than welcome to join this class.

Please get in touch below if you have any questions and would like to sign up

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