Intro to Pole Fitness


Suitable for everyone new to pole and ALL fitness levels.

Congratulations on starting your pole fitness journey!! This course gives you a great introduction to pole fitness and what you can expect from classes as your progress. We invite you to join our regular weekly classes to see what our studio has to offer, why not enroll with a friend and learn together?

You will start developing strength and flexibility while learning how to train safely on the pole with the correct hand and body positioning. We will teach you some basic spins and work towards learning to sit and climb on the pole as you become more familiar and comfortable with the pole, we will start to link the moves moves together. You will soon see how pole fitness improves yours strength and flexibility, gets your heart pumping and makes you feel fabulous.

Once you have completed this course, we would love you to become part our Inverted Fitness family!!


Beginner Pole


We start to build on the foundations from the introductory course and progress to more difficult spins, perfecting climbing the pole and learning new sits and pole moves. You will continue to work on your strength and flexibility at your own pace. When you are ready, you can start working on inverted positions from the floor to build strength and safely learn how to invert. You can track your progress with our studio grading system and work towards the next level of spins and moves.


Intermediate Pole


Once you have developed the strength and confidence to invert safely you will be ready for intermediate pole.

We will continue to work on beginner inverts and progress the moves to more advanced tricks at your own pace. You will learn more intermediate sits and static holds on the pole as well as more advanced spins. Your strength, flexibility and core training will be progressed and you will start learning how to link moves together to perform short combination sequences.


Mixed Pole


This is suitable for all levels of pole. During these classes, your instructor will continue to develop you pole moves, strength and flexibility depending on the level of pole you are currently working on.



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