Welcome to Inverted Fitness.


Inverted Fitness is located in the centre of Ashburton, New Zealand. Lesley created the studio with a vision of bringing a different kind of fitness to the women of Ashburton who were bored with their regular workouts and wanted to try something a little bit different! 

The studio offers pole dancing classes and Pilates classes. At Inverted Fitness, we guarantee a welcoming, exciting and positive experience at our studio. Our mission is to empower you, and allow you to embrace your individuality through pole fitness and dance, while increasing strength, flexibility and fitness...even if you are new to exercise. We want to help boost your confidence, improve your self-esteem, and have you soaring to new heights both on and off the pole.


The studio is a place to get away from the daily grind of work and life. You can dance in your bare feet or strap on your highest heels (which are just 'dancer's trainers). Our classes are fitness based, but because you are working towards learning new spins, perfecting new moves, challenging you core, flexibility and strength during every single class, you don't even realise you have been exercising for an hour. 

With the encouragement and help of dedicated instriucotrs and your amazing class mates, the studio can become a place to get away from it all, lifelong friends are made, and you can kick start your fitness journey.

Come and have a spin with us!