Fit and Flex Online

1 x 60 MINUTES live Class

6 week online access to complete the programme whenever suits you

Suitable for studio and non-studio members.

The perfect cross training class to compliment your pole training by helping to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance.

This class will be available in 6 week blocks and each programme will focus on a new element for example splits, back flexibility, handstands. Each class will start with a warm up to get the blood pumping followed by a 20 minute strength circuit including core exercises. The circuit will be interval based training, completing exercises in a time limit with a short rest in-between. The exercises will use body weight, resistance bands, Swiss balls, the pole (if you have one at home). Finishing with a stretches and fascial release to help improve flexibility.

The first class of each term will be a live face to face class where the exercises will be demonstrated to ensure you have the correct technique. After attending this class, you will have 6 week access to the programme online to do whenever you want. Packs of resistance bands are also available to purchase from the studio to help with stretching/increasing the resistance of exercises


Flow and Floor


Suitable for all levels. Leg warmers and/or knee pads required. Heels are optional.

Let’s slow things down and get low on the pole. We focus on simple spins and tricks, dance transitions and floor moves which will eventually be tied together into a full routine over the 10 week term. Don’t underestimate this class to be an easy one...floor moves and dance tricks will challenge you get your muscles pumping and heart racing.