Can I still come to Pole Fitness even if I am too old/too unfit/too heavy/no upper body or core strength?

Of course! Pole Fitness really is for EVERYONE!!! No one joins the gym when they are super strong and fit, and Pole Fitness is no different. You build you strength, flexibility and fitness as you learn and practice new moves, as well as the conditioning exercises we do in class. We break down the moves and spins into easier components to teach you the correct and safe technique, and make it harder for you as you get stronger. As for being too old - have you seen the 70 year old World Champion..she’s amazing!!

Will Pole Fitness help me get fit/lose weight?

Our classes are structured to keep you moving and your heart rate up. Linking the moves and spins and climbs together will leave you puffed after a few practices. The harder you practice, the more classes you take, the easier your fitness and weight goals become. Remember, losing weight is 80% what you eat and 20% what you do…we got you covered for the fitness bit!

Do I have to wear high heels?

No way! Our classes can be done in bare feet or in heels - it is completely up to you! Some of our students love their heels and others much prefer to be bare foot. Wearing shoes makes some moves harder (like wearing mini weights around your ankles) but we teach YOU they way YOU want!

Do I have to be able to dance to come to classes?

Absolutely not! We have one dedicated class a week for learning routines and not pole moves. Depending on what moves you are working on, we teach some transition sequences that link moves together, and these are part of the strength and flexibility aspect of pole fitness. Practicing combinations of moves on and off the pole is what gets your heart racing and builds your cardiovascular fitness. We work through levels in our studio, and offer a grading system to let you see just how far you have come. This includes linking several moves together to pass the level - but this is also completely optional.

When can I start beginner classes?

When ever you want. We run taster sessions throughout the year, and have a dedicated beginners class on a a Wednesday night at 7pm. If that doesn't suit just get in touch and we will see what we can do!

What do I bring and/or wear to class?

Please bring with you a small towel and a bottle of water, we intend to work up a sweat! For your first few classes, a singlet and shorts is ideal. To sit and climb the pole you need bare skin to allow you to grip which is why pole dancers all wear shorts. Please remove all jewelry including wedding rings and bracelets - these scratch the poles and damage them. Bring some socks too - this makes stretching a bit easier.

How long to classes last?

All classes last 1 hour.

What happens in a typical class?

Classes all start with a warm up. This will get you blood pumping and muscles warm ready for pole. To build strength we incorporate some strength training into the warm up for the legs, core and upper body. The main body of classes is working on spins, climbs, sits, inverts (upside down moves) , floor moves and even some conditioning. We finish with a cool down and some serious stretching to help relive those achy muscles.